Behold the Bridegroom

A five-part series that introduces the prophetic plan of God for this world.

• Book 1- Foundations: A proper understanding of four covenants in the Old Testament are essential for understanding Bile Prophecy today, for they are like a foundation that God laid down long ago.

• Book 2 - Daniel’s Two Time-Clocks: Daniel teaches us about two time-Clocks in regards to the coming Kingdom of God. One a Gentile Time-Clock and the other a Jewish Time-Clock.

• Book 3 - The Feasts of the Lord: The entire redemptive plan of God for this world was revealed 3,500 years ago through the seven feasts that He gave to Israel to celebrate on a yearly cycle.

• Book 4 - Revelation Unveiled: This study looks at the 8 basic realities being taught in this very prophetic book that comes with a special blessing in verse 3 of chapter 1.

• Book 5 - Are you Prepared? This final study looks at the Jewish wedding customs and what it means to be prepared for the return of the Lord. In fact the Jewish customs form a tremendous backdrop to much of the prophetic teaching that Jesus gave.

Book set $15 + $3 p/h. A good tool for Bible study groups.  Currently only available as PDF - $9


​The Rapture

It was the apostle Paul who said we should not be ignorant about this event. When Christ comes for His bride we shall be changed instantly, mortality will give way to immortality and we shall be clothed with an imperishable body. Will you be ready? 164 pages.

Book $15 ea + $3 p/h Currently only available as PDF - $9​_________________________________________________________________________________

​The Millennium and Beyond

A 1000-year period of time when Jesus shall reign over this world from Jerusalem followed by the eternal order. This teaching gives an understanding of that glorious future time.

2 Books $11 set + $3 p/h. Another good tool for Bible study groups. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions. Currently only available as PDF - $8


The Battle Over Jerusalem

Looks at why Jerusalem continues to be the centre of world controversy and how the issue of Jerusalem will one day set the whole world ablaze.

Book $7 CD $5 ea + $3 p/h  Available as PDF- $5

Israel God’s Time-Clock

A look at prophecies being fulfilled in Israel today giving a Biblical perspective on the Middle East crisis. It is challenging to see how God is on the move fulfilling His word that the prophets of old declared long ago.

Book $7 CD $5 ea + $3 p/h.  Currently only Available as PDF - $3   

The Rapture [abridged]

The early Church believed in the imminent coming of Jesus and that certainty was a powerful motivation to living a life of holiness, faithfulness and preparation for their soon coming Bridegroom. This aspect of our blessed hope is not being readily declared. Will you be ready when the trumpet sounds?

Book $7 CD $5 ea + $3 p/h. Available as PDF - $5

Torah The Hidden Treasure

The Hebrew word ‘Torah’ was translated into English as ‘Law.’ This translation misrepresents the Hebrew word. Torah simply means teaching. If we want to gain a greater understanding of our Christian identity and heritage then we must have a proper understanding of Torah and how it relates to us today.

2 Book set $11 set + $3 p/h A good tool for Bible Study groups. Currently only available as PDF - $8

Audio CD's


A Jewish festival celebrating victory over Anti-Semitism. and looks at the historical details that lead to this Jewish festival  and then the future prophetic aspect to Hannukah.


As in the Days of Noah

Jesus said that His Second Coming would be as in the Days of Noah. This message looks at some of similarities of Noah’s day and our time.

Mystery Babylon

This teaching addresses Revelation 17 and the 'End Time' world wide apostate church. 



The Scriptures declare that in the Last Days that Satan will bring forth onto the world scene his greatest deception – the Antichrist.



This teaching looks at the book of Daniel and Europe along with globalism in Bible Prophecy today.


The 7 Feasts of the Lord

God has a calendar for this world and it was revealed to Israel 3,500 years ago in the seven feasts of the Lord.


The Wedding and Wedding Supper of the Lamb

Are future events on God's prophetic calendar for this world and every effort should be made today in preparing for these wonderful realities.


Sealed Scroll     

Understanding the sealed scroll of Revelation 5 will give you a key to understand the entire writing of Revelation.


Jigsaw Puzzle of Bible Prophecy

Understanding Bible Prophecy is often like doing a jigsaw puzzle for many people. Hundreds of pieces but where does one begin to sort them out. This message will help to put the pieces in their correct position.


The Grafting

We need to clearly establish the identity of and relationship between Israel and the Church if we are to have a consistent and practical theology of end times. This teaching establishes the scriptural identity of the Church and her relationship to Israel.


Signs of the Times- The Mount Olivet Discourse

Are we the generation that will witness the return of Jesus? If so, what evidence is there? Jesus spoke of many signs that would alert us to the nearness of His return as recorded in the Mount Olivet Discourse. The signs all come as a package and we are the generation seeing them all come to pass. Will you be ready for the return of Jesus Christ? Currently unavailable.


The Final Jihad

Ezekiel 38-39 According to the prophet Ezekiel there is a Russian Islamic invasion of Israel in the Last Days; an alliance which is being formed in our day and age. The outcome of this invasion is that the intended victim - Israel, will be the only one left standing. The back of Islam will be broken and the might of Russia shall be destroyed. Currently unavailable.


The Truth of the Great Debate

This message presents the truth of a Pre millennial approach to the prophetic Scriptures and exposes the errors of Amillennialism and Post millennialism. Currently unavailable


Revelation in One Hour

This 60 minute presentation will give you an overview of the book of Revelation and will open up the wonderful truths found within it.


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•  As in the Days of Noah and Lot

•  Mystery Babylon

•  The Wedding and Wedding Supper of the Lamb

•  The Rapture

•  Globalism and the Rise of the Last World Super Power

•  The Jigsaw Puzzle of Bible Prophecy

•  The Feast of Tabernacles

•  When Jesus Christ Returns - A window into the Millennium

•  The Feast of Purim

•  The Seven Feasts of the Lord.

•  The Sealed Scroll of Revelation Five.

•  Israel - God's Time-clock

•  Passover

•  Revelation in One Hour
- this 45 minute presentation on DVD will give you an overview of the 

                                               book of Revelation and will open up the wonderful truths found within it
•  Beyond the Grave

•  The Promised seed

•  The King is Coming!

•  Torah the Hidden Treasure 

.  The Last Hour - This world is being prepared for the Antichrist. This complements

                                The Great Reset​

   The Great Reset - Who are the global elite behind the World Economic Forum, what is

                                   transhumanism, the criminalisation of Christianity and much more. _________________________________________________________________________________

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‘Prepare ye the way of the Lord’